Marketing for producers

Effective and successful product marketing is a task that is better left to professionals. In our company you will find professionals for the areas of technology, logistics and sales as well as the perfect infrastructure for the entire supply chain. Do you want to focus fully on your core competencies of development and production?

  • Do you lack your own marketing structure?
  • Would you prefer not to market your primary products or by-products to end buyers by yourself?
  • Are you looking for a SINGLE partner for everything that follows the production?
  • Do you require a reliable outlet for ensuring your continuous production?

Then it may be the case that you have now found your future partner for sales, storage and logistics in Germany and its neighbouring European countries: Chemie Wocklum. Talk to us and use our strengths for your success. We are looking forward to new challenges, new partnerships and new products.

Hydrochloric acid

Unsere Kompetenz und Leidenschaft – HCL in (e)motion

Salzsäure als typisches Koppelprodukt der chemischen Industrie unterliegt starken Produktionsschwankungen. „Mal ist viel da, mal ist wenig da!“ Chemie Wocklum als Bindeglied zwischen Produzenten und Endverbrauchern gleicht mit Kompetenz und herausragender Logistik diese Marktschwankungen aus. Integriert in einem vielschichtigen Netzwerk aus Produzenten, Transporteuren und eigenen umfangreichen Transport- und Lagerkapazitäten, stehen wir für ein hohes Maß an Versorgungssicherheit für unsere Kunden. Gleichzeitig helfen wir unseren Produzentenpartnern ihre Primärproduktion abzusichern.

Diese einzigartige intermediäre Position der Chemie Wocklum ist Ergebnis unserer langen Tradition und unseres Handelns als typisch mittelständisches Unternehmen. Dabei hat uns der neugierige Blick in die Zukunft das Verständnis für den Markt von heute ermöglicht.

Ob Tankzug, Bahn oder Schiff oder Umschlag über Großtanks und Direktvermarktung: Chemie Wocklum ist Ihr Partner.

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Patrick Nolden

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Sulphuric acid

It isn’t just for historical reasons (we manufactured it ourselves until the mid 1950s) that we have a special relationship with sulphuric acid. Over the course of economic expansion and the growth of the metallurgical industry in which sulphuric acid is a by-product, it made little sense for us to make our own sulphuric acid, which is why we decided on material flow management with the marketing of sulphuric acid for large scale industry and the closing of supply loops. In this context, we have an on-site blending facility and are able to supply sulphuric acid in any concentration that is required.



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Fax: +49 (0) 2375 925 25 120
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Sodium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide is a by-product in the chlorine electrolysis process during the production of the raw material of chlorine and is an important base material for the chemicals industry and other sectors: for altering pH levels in acidic waste water in the water industry, for example.

At our Balve location we are able to dilute standard 50% sodium hydroxide to lower concentrations.

In the scope of our broadly based transport and storage possibilities we also guarantee reliable and constant supplies to our customers, and in return, the certainty of purchase for our production partners.

Contact person

Patrick Nolden

Fon: +49 (0) 2375 925 276
Fax: +49 (0) 2375 925 25 276