Complex processes in the field of municipal / industrial wastewater treatment and industrial production processes lead to ever greater demands on partners and suppliers. Only the selection of the most efficient products based on the current application, consulting in relation to application engineering and laboratory and operating tests, taking overall conditions into consideration, lead to the desired result. Final written documentation of the work and the results shows what has been achieved.

We face these tasks with decades of experience in application engineering, marketing and logistics. Our cooperation with well-established partners guarantees our customers innovation and security.


Water is a basic habitat and a functioning water cycle is the basis of all life.

Any use of water, whether in the home, by trade and industry or public services, leads to pollution which, depending on the capacity of the sewage treatment plant, pollutes water courses. The ultimate task is to secure our environment in an ecological way, in compliance with legislation, and above all, to preserve our living space for humans, animals and plants.

There is a great need for effective water management in the everyday life of business, industrial companies and private individuals. In order to understand and be able to influence the impact of different substances in the wastewater on the environment, you first need a solid knowledge of the substances and their analytical evidence. Furthermore, one should be able to control the physical, chemical or biological processes in order to avoid environmentally relevant pollutants, convert them into harmless substances or dispose of them in a way that is non-hazardous for humans and the environment.

The high quality reprocessing of processing water, wastewater, drinking water as well as the treatment of sludge and drainage, with associated process engineering through plant optimisation and products for flocculation and precipitation, are just part of our expertise.