It is virtually impossible to imagine the world of industry without acids and alkalis as well as our solid materials and various specialist products for use as raw materials, auxiliary products and additives. Our wide range of products includes chemicals for almost every sector and almost every purpose. We also guarantee the highest levels of quality – which are ensured by regular inspections at our in-house laboratories.

Hot-dip galvanizing

Chemie Wocklum offers a wide-ranging portfolio of chemicals, waste disposal and consulting services for our pre-treatment line in hot-dip galvanizing in particular. We supply mixed acids, rinse water and highly coordinated iron and zinc stripping preparations at consistent levels of quality and at competitive terms and conditions.

Our wide range of services ranges from the provision of acid and alkali degreasing agents, inhibitors, zinc chloride, ammonium chloride and filter hoses to the associated waste disposal, including used hydrochloric acids, for example.

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Steel plants, wire plants and pickling plants

We can combine many of our core competencies for wire and steel works as well as pickling plants, and can therefore provide our customers with a complete package from one single source.

We are not only able to supply your systems with base chemicals such as hydrochloric or sulphuric acid, we will also be pleased to advise you on the use of differing specialist chemicals, in the area of “chemicals on metals” for example. We also offer a professional waste management service in terms of the German loop recycling law.


Patrick Nolden

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Power stations

Due to the changes in the energy sector the power station sector is currently facing considerable challenges. Turbulent times therefore require reliable suppliers and stable waste management services.

Chemie Wocklum is at home in the power station sector, to which it is a long standing and established partner. Our wide range of products, combined with our individually customised C-article management, considerably reduces our procurement costs. With our in-house logistics we are able to guarantee a sustainable security of supply at a high level and on a just-in-time basis.

Protecting health, ensuring a safe workplace and protecting the environment as well as data protection and security are key tenets of our company philosophy. Our know-how makes us the perfect partner for the energy sector.

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Andrea Müller

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Chemicals industry

The chemicals industry sets standards in Germany. With sustainable products and high standards of quality and safety, it stands for a respectful approach to people and the environment – worldwide.  Chemie Wocklum is a recognised and valued partner to this sector for trading and retail as well as for recycling and consulting.

Chemie Wocklum supplies a variety of chemicals and services in the areas of logistics, storage, packaging, decanting, contract production, transport and waste disposal.

In addition to our trade with base chemicals we also sell marketing packages for by-products. We ensure the maximum safeguarding of the production of base chemicals with the smooth outflow of the by-products.

It is frequently the case that production waste is unavoidable. We are also strong partners in this field and can offer a variety of recycling and waste disposal solutions.

Trading with chemicals

We are a medium sized chemicals trading business and can supply you with base chemicals in both the organic and inorganic fields. In this respect, examples of our products include hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium bleaching solution as well as a variety of solids and solvents. In the chemicals trading segment we act far beyond the borders of Germany, making us a well known company at both the national and international levels.

The packaging units with liquid products range from tankers of up to 25 m³, to tanker trucks, to 1,000-l IBC, to smaller container sizes of 60-, 30-, 25-, 20-. 10- and 5- litres.

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Our GALVOTEC range of products offers you specialist chemicals for almost all electroplating processes. At Chemie Wocklum, the GALVOTEC  products are developed, produced and filled at the Balve location.

Modern production facilities, experienced employees and high quality raw materials enable the maximum levels of process control and quality. Proven analytical methods, the latest laboratory equipment and qualified employees minimise variations in quality and guarantee flawless functioning.

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