Quality management

Quality management and environmental management have traditionally been key priorities at Chemie Wocklum. With our certification we can offer you consistently high standards in the areas of quality, environmental protection and safety.



conversion of the wastewater treatment facility (Neutra) to SPS, with visualisation and control from “home”.

Waste sorting

separation of household and industrial waste; special disposal of bags with chemicals adhered to them.


conversion from a direct discharger to an indirect discharger by connecting the wastewater system to the Ruhrverband’s water treatment system.

Fire protection concepts

creation of a new fire protection concept for the entire company.

Fire alarm system

comprehensive fire alarm system and, concurrently, building alarms for internal assistance for accidents.


porter with systematic access control, visitor registration and evacuation report.

Consultation on energy efficiency

consultation on energy efficiency to save on energy and heating.


First assessment in accordance with SQAS / ESAD II.

VCI storage concept

implementation of the VCI storage concept, with allocation of storage classes and storage locations.


refurbishment additions to and refurbishment of the laboratory spaces, with air-conditioned air intake and exhaust systems.

Air shower

acquisition of an air shower for decontamination when handling powdery substances in production.

E-learning system

e-learning system for all employees for training and instruction, including contract employees.

Railway supply interim storage

savings in the fleet by the railway supply of interim storage, acquisition of a loading dock, and stationing of a private lorry in OB and F.

Heat utilisation

optimisation of heat utilisation of the sulphuric acid mixture under consideration of the climate, heating needs and order situation.


reduction of sludge by optimising the lime milk buffer.
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Our responsibility

To fulfil our aspirations surrounding the quality and safety of our products and services, Chemie Wocklum has been certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and as a specialist waste management and disposal company since 1998.

The company has also taken part in the global Responsible Care Initiative in the Association of the Chemicals Trade since 1999. Chemie Wocklum is not satisfied with simply fulfilling the legal requirements, however. The company consistently increases its standards – in terms of protecting the environment.

Chemie Wocklum has developed an HACCP concept for the trading, transport and storage of products which was certified successfully according to ISO 22000 in 2010. This benefits the food and feed products sector as well as the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries.