In addition to trading with chemicals, we also offer our customers a variety of services in the area of chemicals. In addition to recycling this includes contract mixing, transport, and naturally the development of new products in our laboratories.

Waste disposal

Any number of companies can supply chemicals, but only a few can dispose of them!

Over the course of its long history, Chemie Wocklum has become one of the leading waste management companies in its field. This is good for the environment, spares raw materials, and saves natural resources.

The goal was, and is, to implement the loop economy in the best possible way. For us, this means recycling at the highest level. For this reason the acceptance and disposal of the supplied and used products is our top priority. The key principle is returning the residues to a suitable cycle of materials on an optimum basis.


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Contract mixing and contract filling

Made possible by the variety of different production possibilities (solid/solid – liquid/liquid – solid/liquid): As a contract services provider for different buyers and products, Chemie Wocklum is a reliable partner right from the start. Due to our modern laboratories, the continuous further development and analysis of our products is ensured at all times.

Our successful and tried-and-tested in-house products also include industrial cleaners for hall floors, sanitation systems, vehicles and systems as well as products for the pre-treatment of metals and plastics. Waste water treatment chemicals and electroplating products are also popular. These serve the purpose of decorative coating, cathodic corrosion protection, chemical metal separation as well as specialist processes in the area of white bronzes and colouring

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The company Konsor Logistik GmbH moves chemicals. The subsidiary company of Chemie Wocklum boasts a modern vehicle fleet of more than 25 heavy good vehicles.

As a provider of chemicals logistics services, Konsor Logistik moves chemicals in multiple six figure tonnages every year. Its fleet of tanker trucks includes triple compartment vehicles with PVC in-liners as well as specialist steel and rubberised tank compartments.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, Konsor Logistik can also offer section-pressure tanker trailers, trailers with sophisticated pumping technology and specialist stainless steel trailers. The pumping technology available on the vehicles is complemented by immersion pumps and electrical pumps as well as 26 m³ suction vehicles.


Ferdinand Schulte

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The capacity of our storage facility in Balve is as follows:

  • 3,000 pallet bays for solids and packaged goods
  • 2,000 m³ (~ 3,000 t) liquid tank storage
  • 445 t incident products

In addition to the storage of products which serve the purpose of our trading and production business, we have recently received increasing numbers of enquiries from customers which has culminated in us providing the storage of goods on behalf of third parties as an active business service.

You can also combine our professional storage service with the appropriate in-house logistics service and safely transport your goods from our storage facility to the essential user.

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