The base chemicals trade is a core area of business at the Wocklum Group. Due to long standing, good quality contacts with producers, large storage and tank capacities as well as our own vehicle fleet, we are able to supply our customers with a variety of acids and alkalis as well as solid materials at short notice and on a just in time basis.


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Acids and alkalis

Industry cannot survive without acids and alkalis For this reason, the raw materials, auxiliary products and consumables supplied by the Wocklum Group are indispensable. Our trade with hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide has therefore been one of our core areas of business for several decades.

To serve their different applications and uses, the partners and customers of the Wocklum Group require availability and flexible response times.

The corporate group guarantees this with its 3,000 m³ sized liquid chemicals storage facility, where a wide range of acids and alkalis are available for immediate delivery.

Martin Gruschka

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Solid materials

Also, the storage facility for solid chemical materials is something to be proud of. With 1,500 tonnes, products of highest quality are continuously available.

For this reason, the international procurement of chemical materials has been a core competency of the Wocklum Group for over 50 years.

An additional 800 m³ sized incident storage facility also provides the opportunity to store products from and for partners and customers.

Martin Gruschka

+49 2375 925 120

Specialist products


In addition to the regular base chemicals, the product range of the Wocklum Group also includes specialist chemicals.

Whether it is additives for high performance ceramics, corrosion inhibitors for lubricants, fire retardants for plastics, pigments for glass or additives for the drying of air flows: It is almost impossible to imagine any branch of industry without our high quality products.

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