Production & contract manufacturing

We produce and mix various chemicals for differing areas of use for our customers. In addition to the production of the products this also includes the filling, labelling and delivery of the goods.


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Contract manufacturing

We have proven our expertise in the area of chemicals in the field of contract manufacturing and production for other suppliers of chemical products over a long period of time. Depending on the requirements and specifications, the parent company Wocklum Chemie is able to carry out the product development, the production of safety data sheets and the contract manufacturing or filling for its customers.

It is naturally the case that the Wocklum Group can also carry out the storage and fabrication of the products, which can be offered in liquid/liquid, solid/liquid as well as powder form. This is ensured thanks to high quality plastic and stainless steel mixers in every required version and batch size.

The latest laboratory equipment and qualified employees guarantee smooth quality control processes.

Sascha Wegener

+49 2375 925 109

Production of iron chloride solutions and precipitants

The treatment of waste water in the chemical treatment stage poses no problem thanks to the high quality iron-III-chloride solutions supplied by the Wocklum Group.

Our sophisticated technical and chemical processes result in an exceptionally pure solution. This primarily serves the elimination of phosphate, but it also enables the quality of the activated sludge to be influenced positively.

Whether it is for the cleaning of biogas or digester gas or for surface treatments in the metal processing industry: iron-III-chloride solutions are suitable for all of these areas of application.

Christoph Levermann

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n addition to contract mixes for customers, proprietary developments are produced at our Balve location.

These include phosphate conversion coatings, cleaning agents, electroplating products and products for waste water chemistry which are manufactured and sold in both liquid and powder form.

The production batches range from five kilograms to 20 tonnes. Depending on the order, the Wocklum Group delivers in small fabricated containers or in tanker trucks from its own logistics fleet.

Further information on our proprietary developments is available at: www.schöne-oberflä


Sascha Wegener

+49 2375 925 109