Surface technology

At our Balve location specialist chemicals for surface treatment are manufactured on the basis of our own formulations. These include pre-treatment, electroplating processes, wire drawing and forming, phosphate conversion coating and the cleaning of systems and production facilities, as well as high performance waste water treatment chemicals for sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturing.


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Chemicals for use on metals

The name FUROCHEM stands for specialist high quality products for the surface treatment of metals. This range of products supports you with the pre-treatment of a variety of different materials.

FUROCHEM offers high performance degreasing agents for every requisite purpose, regardless of whether it is solid or liquid, acid or alkaline, hot or cold.

FUROCHEM is also one of the leading product lines in the area of phosphate conversion coating. As one of the leading manufacturers in this segment, we also offer the suitable iron, zinc, zinc-calcium and manganese phosphate conversion coating agents for your application. Our FORUCHEM drawing soaps and drawing agents have proven to be the standard method for use in the wire industry, with drop forging and in additional forming processes. A wide variety of application-specific products is also available.

Michael Bertzen

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Industrial cleaner

The MARUClean range of products constitutes an efficient and powerful line of cleaners for different areas of application. The products are developed in our laboratories by experienced and qualified professionals, and tested for their functioning and the market requirements.

At our production facilities we are able to produce large quantities of this cleaner and to supply it in containers of different size as per the customer requirements. Whether it is for industrial use or home use, for manual cleaning, for automatic systems, in spray and mop processes, at petrol stations, at workshops or at cleaning companies: The MARUClean range offers a suitable product for every area of use.

Detlef Reinecke

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